Daytime Programs
$35.00 per person
Please select dinner choice.  Seating this year will be Festival Seating (pick your seat when you arrive)..
Evening Program and Dinner,  $35.00 per person
Stay all day: Daytime plus Evening Program and Dinner  $70.00 per person
Please select dinner choice.  Seating this year will be Festival Seating (pick your seat when you arrive)..

Dinner Choice
Dinner Choice


Address: ________________________________________________________________


Phone: ________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________

Daytime Seminars________ $40

Evening Banquet________ , $40

Dinner: Beef_______ Chicken_______ Vegitarian_______ Gluten Free_______
(# each)

Stay All Day Price $80 Total Enclosed:
Checks payable to Bay Area Divers, Inc.  Mail to : c/o Shipwrecks & Scuba, 5763 West Breezeway Drive, North Ridgeville, OH 44039. Your tickets will be at the Registration Desk when you enter the facility.
Kalahari Resort
7000 Kalahari Drive
Sandusky, Ohio 44870
877.525.2427 or 419.433.7200
Great Lakes Shipwrecks,   Shipwrecks Around the World, Great Dive Destinations,   Diver Education
Release of Liability

As a registrant for the event known as Shipwrecks and Scuba/Shipwreck Banquet, sponsored by Bay Area Divers Inc. (BAD Inc.), a non profit Ohio Corporation, I hereby acknowledge for the consideration paid to attend the program and or banquet at the Kalahari Resort, Sandusky, OH  44870 on the weekend of November 13, 2021, that I release the corporation, its officers and agents of any and all liability that may arise pertaining to the disease known as COVID 19 or any variant connected therewith.

I am familiar with the State and Federal guidelines administered by the CDC and local health agencies and while attending this event, I agree to abide by all rules and directives which include, but is not limited to, mask coverings.  Even though BAD Inc. and Kalahari Resort will use the best practices available at the time of the event, I understand that I assume the risk and could contract the COVID 19 virus or any variants and in that case I will hold BAD Inc. and its agents absolutely harmless of any liability therefrom.  I agree not to participate in the event if I should acquire the virus or have contact with the virus infected person and I will comply with the rules and directives then in effect.
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