Walter Lewis
Daytime Program Speaker
Author, Great Lakes Historian, and WebMaster

Walter Lewis grew up just north of Cobourg on Lake Ontario.  He has an M. A. in History from Queen's University where his thesis explored the business of passenger services on Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence in the mid-nineteenth century. He has been researching and writing about the Great Lakes ever since. His website is one of the largest dedicated to Great Lakes historical research on the internet. With Rick Neilson he wrote the _River Palace_ (published by Dundurn Press) and  took up diving so he could see the wreck for himself.  In another life, he wrote most of the software used by which supports a whole range of online newspaper  and digital archives across the province. He has presented to a wide range of audiences from local historical societies to dive groups to academic conferences to passengers on a Great Lakes cruise ship.
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