Dinner Keynoted Speaker
Rhonda Moniz
EXPERTISE (DIVING TECHNOLOGIES, SUBSEA SYSTEMS, Expeditions, Filmmaker, Journalist, and Podcast Host)

Rhonda J. Moniz specializes in diving technologies and subsea systems. Trained as a Scientific Diver and Dive Safety Officer she has overseen multiple projects, expeditions, and training programs. She is also a journalist, podcast host, and filmmaker. Ms. Moniz was awarded the prestigious Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutions Fellowship for Scientific Journalism and is a member of the National Geographic Explorers Club. She has achieved Master SCUBA Instructor Rating and specializes in Underwater Forensics and Marine Technology. She is the President of the Underwater Investigative Group (UIG) and is an adjunct professor teaching Underwater CSI techniques at several universities.

Ms. Moniz has been on multiple expeditions worldwide, including several large-scale, deep-sea archaeology projects working with Dr. Bob Ballard as his first female ROV pilot. The expeditions focused on investigating ancient shipwrecks off the coast of Turkey and in the Black Sea with depths of more than 4,000m (over 13,000ft). There were also several expeditions with Dr. Ballard as an ROV pilot studying underwater volcanoes off the coast of Santorini, Greece. Ms. Moniz has extensive experience with Remotely Operated Vehicles and their sensors.  She has worked to create training programs for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), and multiple platform sensors.

In addition to her work as a diver and explorer, Ms. Moniz has worked as a journalist and filmmaker in the ocean technology industry and has published many articles over the years in various publications. She has worked as a subject matter expert for several productions on high-profile stories including CBS, CNN, Discovery, Netflix, and PBS television shows. Ms. Moniz is the host of a podcast about the ocean technology industry called SeaState. She is the Chairman of the Board for the Marine Technology Society (MTS), New England chapter, and is also on the Board of Directors for The Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems, (NERACOOS). Rhonda has given talks around the country. She is currently writing several books.
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